Personalised journal kits for young creative girls, boys, tweens and teens. Unique kits, mess free, stickers, handmade eco-friendly paper, gifts to inspire a creative journey.

The Creative Collection

"Everyone has an innate ability to tune out the noise and let their inner creative create

Emma – Short Note Creative founder and lover of all things pretty.
The Short Story

Psst ... Did you know that getting creative is actually ah-mazing for you? Not only is it super fun immersing yourself into an array of 'craftiness', but it also ....

  • Enhances critical thinking
  • Improves mood and mental agility
  • Exercises fine motor skills
  • Reduces stress and overwhelm
  • Promotes creativity expression
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Here at Short Note Creative, we are busy celebrating simplicity, creativity and, of course, all things pretty. Embracing hands-on hobbies of yesteryear, we are passionate about encouraging our teens, tweens and young creatives to lean in and explore the magic of creative freedom.

Our Why

We thrive on the uncommon, the quirky and the imperfectness that creativity allows.With no two kits created the same, they are as unique and special as the recipient.Intuitively and carefully created, these kits are designed to encourage originality,productivity and provide a calming sanctuary.

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