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Hey, I'm Emma

I'm the founder and head creative of Short Note Creative and a self-confessed lover of eclectic crafty pieces that spark joy and imagination. Oh, and they make my inner teen girl pretty happy too! Here at Short Note Creative, we are passionate about highlighting the correlation between creativity and self-worth.

We are advocates for mental wellness and love that our products are a simple yet effective tool for emotional regulation, boosting confidence and releasing our happy hormone, dopamine. YAY!

Located in North East Victoria, in our passion project ships worldwide, allowing anyone and everyone to activate their creative energy.

Welcome to Short Note Collective, your dedicated hub for celebrating all the pretty things that ignite our creative spirits ... your journey starts here... and I am oh-so grateful to have you along for the ride.

Stay Creative,


Are you a teeny tiny bit smitten when it comes to the ah-mazing world of stationery? I'll let you in on a not-so-little secret ... I am too!

Ummm, ok, low-key obsessed is more like it! With so much of our lives now happening on a screen, there is something about embracing the tactility of beautiful handmade papers, stickers and cards.

It's like a little holiday for the soul where we can escape into a world of whimsy and imagination and embark on a journey of creative inspiration!